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Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 6/21

Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 6/21 published on 16 Comments on Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 6/21

Purple: Thought I was just working too hard, but no, this has to be a fever . . . Thank you.

Cyan: Ah, don’t mention it. Say, this is awkward, but — I don’t think I caught your name?

Purple: Oh, that. It’s —


Cyan: Sorry! Take your time.

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A thought. Leif has not said that/been asked if he has any siblings (as far as I recall). Maybe this is an older sibling to hat hasn’t been mentioned yet and they’re both paying off their parents’ sentences

You know, y’all keep saying “sister” but with that mask covering her face, a lot of indicators of age aren’t really visible. Could be a mom, an aunt, a cousin, really lots of things Leif would be less inclined to mention or think of than siblings.

I mostly thought of this because she definitely has the “mother who dies in anime” hairstyle.

Also worth noting, this is enough of a flashback that Leif’s parents would be maybe 15 years older than present-day Leif. I’m surprised people expect them to look so much older!

…Well that just opens up another troubling can of worms involving possible teen pregnancies and failure to adequately care for their child. Presuming I didn’t misread that or confuse ages right now.

That was super confusing…. I think she means that if, completely unofficial ages here, present day Leif is 30, then in this flashback the parents would be 45. I think this flashback is twelve years previous?? Which would make Flashback Leif 18. So, i do not know Leif’s actual age but for the sake of clarity, let’s go with it. Flashback: Leif 18, parent 45. Present: Leif 30, Parent 57

You’re pretty close. Mixing in the official ages and year data via the Wiki timeline:
Leif enters servitude in Rhodonite Era 3002, making him no younger than 20 at the start of the brumavirus outbreak in RE 3004. Add 8 years to Leif’s age because the comic starts in 3012, then the 15 years between brumavirus!parents and modern!Leif and that places his parents at 43±1 during the brumavirus outbreak, and 51±1 in the modern times.

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