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Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 7/21

Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 7/21 published on 7 Comments on Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 7/21

April’s new Patreon wallpaper is a bunch of tiny knights in perfume bottles. The cuteness we all deserve.

Had the virus: No
Contagious now: No

Blue: Thank you. while you’re here, do you have anything for sleep trouble? Or joint pain?

Doctor: Nothing I can give out without a prescription. You’d need to get that from, uh . . . the prison doctor?

Blue: But, doctor, I am the prison doctor.

Doctor: Really? Why are you here? What are they doing at Pottersfield without you?

Blue: Probably the same as they did before I was arrested.

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Uhhh… Lady Stancia said Blue was in jail for dealing drugs; is “prison doctor” a euphemism?

Could be that they were the prison doctor despite being a convict themselves(would mean the state saved money), could be that they’re just lying again.

Or zhe was issuing medications to which Pottersfield prisoners weren’t entitled, e.g. pain management, anxiety relief, et cetera.

Hmmm… I suspect Blue may be lying? This story doesn’t quite add up to me- the prison sends their only doctor away during a pandemic AND they don’t let anyone know they’re qualified to treat people if necessary. Plus using a random prisoner as their doctor and letting them have access to drugs (including opiate type drugs even?) seems counterintuitive. Unless that’s somehow part of the sentence- but then why send them away? Also how big is this prison? Do they really only have one doctor?

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