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Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 5) 13/17

Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 5) 13/17 published on 10 Comments on Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 5) 13/17

Chartreuse (thinking): I’m not even bluffing! The vampires will never approve spending that much on medicine. Not for us.

Stanczia: Why would we spend this much — on medicine?

Imri: She’s not even one of the pets we like.

Blue: Well, it can — as a side effect — cause a rare bleeding disorder. Thought you might like a chance to see that.

Chartreuse: Your “source” is the site that sells tiny bottles of “supplements” to my grandma for 80 marks each?

Blue: That is, technically, a source.

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I love Blue so much. Flaunt it if you got it, and ze definitely knows how to flaunt it. I am not looking forward to zeir inevitable demise lol

Is it still ‘demise’ if zhe is turned because the bloodsuckers are so astounded by zeir audacity that they want to make sure ze can pay back every last crown?

(( Weird question that just struck me. Are Crowns and Marks decimalized? If they are decimalizized, do they work like dollars(e.g. there are coins with different names for subunits) or Yen (coins are just ‘¥1 coin’, ‘¥50 Coin’)?

I don’t know if I’ve shown a single person paying with cash in this universe! It’s mostly network credit transactions, sometimes hard currency cards.

Gonna go ahead and say that Ceannis, to go with its general “fantasy tropes” aesthetic, used “coppers” for its 1/100-crown coins, and “silvers” for 1/5-crown coins. They’re definitely not minting new physical coppers anymore. Silvers, maybe.

Sønheim just has marks. Which I guess makes the most sense if they got redenominated at some point. Back when a copper was worth something, 1 mark was had similar buying power to 1 copper. Then the government announced “okay, we’re rebranding, 1 Mark (Modern) is the equivalent 100 Marks (Classic)”, and now marks are comparable to crowns. The smallest coin they mint these days is a half-mark.

Leif says here that marks are subdivided into pennies:

Heh, completely forgot that I wrote that.

…now to decide if I want to stick with it, or if I should commit to the lack of penny coins and edit the reference to something else…

Alternate suggestion: nothing to say that Sønheim didn’t start redenomination at some point during the story, and the embassy servants are just disconnected and out of the loop enough that the people we pay attention to in the story just doesdn’t notice it until after it finishes?

Sure, we check in with some of the other people in the embassy, but honestly, if they inflated to the point where it makes sense to redenominate their coinage out of existence, even the embassy guards probably wouldn’t have worried about their pennies in years.

Yes, redenomination does usually take many years. But it always starts at some point and ends at some point. Also, there’s no reason why the best country in the world can’t go through the process a lot faster, especially since the biggest impact of these sorts of changes is always to the people they don’t care about. We could even be done *already*.

Suddenly, all their pennies are worthless. Oh, wait, sorry, they don’t have any pennies, because all their money goes to pay off their debts.

This way, there’s no retcon needed. The old pages were right, and the new pages were right. One day, Sønheim just decided to stop having pennies, and boom, everyone saving up their giant penny jars to buy something big, like a new broom, now have big jars full of worthless coins.

Actually, that almost sounds like a story line idea, even.

It’s not that the pennies become worthless — or at least, not more worthless than they are already. It’s just that you need to take them to the bank and get every 100 Old Pennies replaced with one New Penny — or more likely, get them deposited in your bank account as 0.01 New Mark — during the transitional period, because nobody’s going to be accepting Old Pennies as legal tender afterward.

…and I don’t want the redenomination to happen between “Leif’s parents incur the debt” and “now”, because that would mean the debt is in Old Marks! It would really undermine the stakes to have Leif suddenly realize that his debt is a much lower figure in New Marks, and since he’s getting paid in New Marks, he’s wiping it out 100x as quickly as he expected.

Canada doesn’t have pennies any more, and all the phrases involving them are still around. I still think in terms of dollars and cents, I just don’t have physical pennies – and tend to give away the nickels and dimes ASAP, the rare times that I do use cash. 🙂

And yeah, I assume the bank still accepts them – they definitely did during the transition.

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