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Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 5) 14/17

Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 5) 14/17 published on 1 Comment on Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 5) 14/17

This restroom isn’t related to the showers we saw earlier. It’s just another, much-narrower, wedge-shaped room in the same round tower as the servant bedrooms.

Speaking of layouts…and of the vampire servants…the newest bonus post on Patreon has a bunch of notes on the room Leif’s in, and an exclusive look at a Chartreuse-related twist that I left on the digital cutting-room floor.

Future Chartreuse sketches

Blue (thinking): Now, I’ll just figure out how to get more details on those Rocky Rapids servants . . .

Chartreuse (thinking): I’ll just take a quick peek at the Rocky Rapids “Merchandise” portal.

Valrún (thinking): I’ll just stay riiiight here until the nausea lets up.

(hff hff hff)


Chartreuse (thinking): I’ll just give her a few minutes.

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