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Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 5) 15/17

Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 5) 15/17 published on 10 Comments on Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 5) 15/17

Chartreuse (thinking): This should be a safe distance . . .

Chartreuse: Hey . . . Valrún?

Valrún: Huh?

Chartreuse: We’re going to air out the room you were in. Get it cleaned up. You can move to the next one.

Valrún: The next . . . room?


Chartreuse: Also — I, um — I heard about, maybe, your son?

Valrún (thinking): Should’ve known better than to feel happiness for 0.3 seconds.

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What if Valrun faked her death? What if she’s going to pop up in the current timeline now that Leif knows/(thinks?) she’s dead.

If my math is correct she dies this year and seems to be recovering from illness fine… Technically she might have killed herself, but honestly from a story standpoint her being alive to cause Leif emotional angst by returning makes WAY more sense!

It doesn’t look to me like she’s recovering? And I’m not sure how she would fake her death with the vampires watching, or how her showing up alive and free would be worse than her being dead.

She had that whole opinion about the long-runner being a smart guy for offing himself, because either he stops being a long-runner, or he has a second chance to stay the hell out of prison. Sure, it “wouldn’t be smart for her to kill herself”, but that’s because Valrun thinks her son is free and clear and if she dies he won’t be…. and Leif is already in servitude at this point, and I suspect Chartreuse is here to tell Valrun that Leif thinks he’s on the hook for the entire debt.

And if Leif is already paying the entire debt, then Valrun has nothing to lose from either dying or “”dying””.

My understanding is that Leif doesn’t currently think he’s on the hook for the entire debt; when he found out Valrun was dead, that seemed to be when he first discovered it was all on him now.

Valrun and Leif both think the debt is 52.4 million marks: Summer Sunshine 69/84 and Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 20/21.

At least Valrun thought Leif is not paying off the debt, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they both said the same number. It hasn’t been stated explicitly iirc, but I’ve gotten the impression that they feel they’re already mostly or entirely on the hook for the debt. Also I wouldn’t put it past Sonheim to wring more money out of them by implying less is being paid than actually is: see also, Valrun thought Leif wasn’t a servant because she was still alive to pay the debt, but he absolutely was already in servitude before the outbreak.

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