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Quarantine with the Vampire (part 6) 10/27

Quarantine with the Vampire (part 6) 10/27 published on No Comments on Quarantine with the Vampire (part 6) 10/27

…and, uh, if you need a little uplifting palate-cleanser after a strip like this, let’s go take a look at how well the Kickstarter is doing.

Volume 4 tier spotlight: Total Package But Make It Backlist

For when you missed the earlier books, but now you gotta have all the cool extras. Go from “new fan” to “superfan” in one step.

All Kinds of Everything (Backlist)


Red: Valrún! Are you awake? I need to tell you — If you took any strange treatment from —

Valrún: (WHEEZE haaaah WHEEZE haaaah)

Red: Oh noooo! Should I do CPR?

Valrún: Th-thass’ f’r [WHEEZE] hearts —

Red: It’s the only medical treatment I know!!

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