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Quarantine with the Vampire (part 6) 23/27

Quarantine with the Vampire (part 6) 23/27 published on 6 Comments on Quarantine with the Vampire (part 6) 23/27

The suave butch is Lady Fastný, last seen in the even-older flashback storyline Only 900’s Kids Will Get This.

She’s a little more than 200 years older than Imri. (And still a lot younger than Stanczia.)

Imri: It’s been so long since the country let us go traveling with servants! I’ve missed this place!

I’ve missed . . . ah . . . What was your name again?

Offscreen voice: Psst . . .

Fastný: Ahhh, you young pup! I’ve known you since your age was in double digits! Stanczia, control your trophy husband!

Lulen (signing): I’m new. Are they always like this?

Red (signing): Pretty much.

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Lulen!!! I’m so surprised and excited to see her, I just spent a few minutes jumping around my room in excitement

Same here. Well, internal jumping 🙂
She’s new, but she has already learned enough sign-language for a little conversation.

Which makes me think. We’ve seen the servants at the embassy sign all the time. I don’t remember the vampire’s servants signing until nö.

I feel like the whole sign language thing to communicate was likely *inspired* by vampires: they’re easy to irritate, especially lethal when irritated, and prone to ignoring movement if it’s not in their general direction.

It’s just that, they’re also few in numbers and frequently not in the presence of multiple servants when the servants want to discuss stuff. Embassy citizens are all over the place, so the need for sign language communication is ever-present.

I would expect that they wouldn’t have put Lulen into this situation until she’d learned it. That might *not* make it on her resume, or it might not count as a posting, such that Ludolf wouldn’t consider mentioning it, so this could be her one and only “estate in Sønheim” that she was posed at.

It’s also possible that Stanczia is sufficiently apathetic to her servants’ chatter that Lulen’s signing is a sign that she’s new here.

That said, Red is responding in sigh. But it could be that Red is responding in sign because it’s still considered unwise to alert her to the servants having a means of communication that she’s not aware of.

It’s also possible that they are signing to not irritate OTHER vampires. Or, like, when at home, Stanczia doesn’t care about them talking, because only other vampire is Imri and she has good telepathic links with him. However here they actually need to hear what the other vampires are saying.

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