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Quarantine with the Vampire (part 6) 24/27

Quarantine with the Vampire (part 6) 24/27 published on 6 Comments on Quarantine with the Vampire (part 6) 24/27

Red and Chartreuse both have clear skin on the backs of their necks again!

You can’t tell for sure with Cyan, but he seems to be catching a ball game with Thor, so he’s probably doing all right.

And it sure looks like Blue has landed zerself a lifetime position at the castle — which at least is better than Pottersfield.

The post-outbreak years go on.

In some places, lives get better . . .

In others, the same cycles loop back around to the start, and run again.

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[eyes pages left in storyline] hmmmm that’s enough space to give us a Valrun check-in if she did reincarnate long-runnerly

Is the/a WiB time-travelling herself a break for a volleyball game?

It sure looks like her. Both in panel 1 and 3. But note that it may not be time-traveling – at least not ANOTHER time traveling ; it’s possible her mission started back then.

(Although I suspect it’s not SUPPOSED to be her.)

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