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Quarantine with the Vampire (part 6) 7/27

Quarantine with the Vampire (part 6) 7/27 published on 12 Comments on Quarantine with the Vampire (part 6) 7/27

Real-world: a study found COVID vaccines are good for your mental health!

They also seem to help some people with lingering post-virus physical symptoms. It’s not what they were designed to do, and as of this writing we don’t know why they’re doing it — but the data say it’s happening.

Red: Since I got the vaccine, I can walk up the stairs and not get out of breath! I don’t know if it did that — or if I just have more energy from feeling so relieved!

Orange: Well, it’s a mighty fine deal, either way.

Chartreuse: I feel like we didn’t deserve to be so lucky . . . having a doctor in-castle this whole time. And one whose only crime was mis-diagnosing a vengeful rich person!

Cyan: . . . what? That’s not what ze told me ze was in for.

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*Grabs popcorn and a chair* Oh this should be good. Let’s see how many versions Blue managed to come up with.

*Grins evil-ly* Then let’s see how he’s going to explain them all.

whoa, thanks for the covid info 🙂 that’s so cool. and I went and googled and found out the vaccine also lowers the odds of getting long-covid if you get a breakthrough infection! 🙂 (they still aren’t as low as I’d *like*, but it’s better than nothing)

It is!

No medicine is 100% perfect, but these vaccines are turning out to be shockingly good.

sadly I just confirmed that I have a ‘breakthrough’ case so that sucks.

fully vaccinated so I don’t think i’m gonna die, but it’s not pleasant. and it’s early in the infection, i went to get tested as soon as I got symptoms.

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