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Quarantine with the Vampire (part 6) 8/27

Quarantine with the Vampire (part 6) 8/27 published on 3 Comments on Quarantine with the Vampire (part 6) 8/27

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Cyan: The story I got was “dealing under-the-table meds to people with no insurance.” Maybe I just understood it wrong?

Chartreuse: That’s . . . a big difference to understand wrong.

Red: And ze told me ze was in for getting too enthusiastic about an experimental cure that flopped.

Cyan: Wow! — Are we sure ze’s even a doctor at all?

Various: Yes — I checked the net, found a post about that.

Well, what did the net say the arrest was for?

It didn’t have details! I got those from zer.

Orange: Well, golly — maybe ze just up and stole some other prisoner’s whole identity! How would we know?

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I have a feeling that ze has been playing a game with them. Probably just to get entertainment, to see how many stories could be spread. Only other explanation I can think of is the whole “share a different fake secret with each mark” gambit, but I can’t see how that would help at all.

I feel like some of the stories could be made to work together. But the ones told to the vampires seem to be of a different nature.

Maybe ze was charged with multiple crimes. Specifically, overcharging a wealthy citizen for experimental drugs that didn’t save their life, and also using those proceeds to buy medication for non-citizens under the table.

It’s certainly possible that ze gave each person the story that would work best on them. But I’ve paid attention to enough court cases to know that many people have dozens of unrelated charges waiting for them by the time they’re caught.

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