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Rejected Karaoke Cameos

Rejected Karaoke Cameos published on 10 Comments on Rejected Karaoke Cameos

AKA “jokes based on songs where I can’t use more than a couple of lines without tripping over copyright issues.”

Vine & Hyacinth: Wake me up! / Wake me up inside! / I can’t wake up! / Wake me up inside! / Save me!

Captain Sigrun: I believe I can fly / I believe I can touch the sky

Bramble: What can I sayyy, except, you’re welcome?

Tansy & Larch: We will, we will, rock you!
Hawthorn: It’s a pun!

President Romarin: Girls! Who run the world? Girls!

Stanczia & Imri: How well you learn / to not discern / who’s foe and who is friend / we’ll own them all / in the end

Cress & Violet: We finally got the dirt on you / You’re busted!

Laceleaf’s stalker: Oh, can’t you seeeee / You belong to meeee . . .

Woman in Black: That’s why, darling, it’s incredible / that someone so unforgettable / thinks that I am unforgettable too

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I suppose it is NOT canon that so many important people show up on that karaoke … I mean, especially the vampires don’t seem to have reason to be there …

And that one guy is in jail, and yeah, this is definitely not canon.

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