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Remodeling 1/5

Remodeling 1/5 published on 8 Comments on Remodeling 1/5

This storyline was drawn all the way back in June 2018 for an anthology that didn’t go forward, posted to Patreon in February as an early-access bonus for supporters, and now it’s finally here.

I thought about saving it for October, for Halloween and other reasons…but it relates to Thorn’s family history that comes up in The Burns and the Bees, so you’re getting them together.

Sign: Pardon Our Dust, We Are Remodeling

Hazel: Do you guys come here a lot?

Vine: Oh, sure. Their magic stuff is all overpriced . . . but they’re a great source if you need anything fang-shaped.

Hazel: Oooh . . .



It wasn’t a model! And it wasn’t glued together.

Hyacinth: It sure is cute, though . . . are you getting one?

Hazel: I think . . . if I bring home an actual skull, my parents will get the wrong idea about my emotional health.

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Woo Hyacinth and friends storyline!

“Magic stuff”: does he mean appliances with a spooky case or rituals?

Kinda bad design to do a ritual every time you need your toaster to work.

Exactly. Magic is a thing in this setting, but all the ‘saleable’ magic[e.g. non-Magical Girl] we’ve seen is crystal-based. To me, if it was ensorcelled crystals for sale, Vine would have said the crystals were overpriced, which leads me to the question I posed here. Is “magic stuff” just their term for appliances and phones, or is Vine talking about Ritual Magic ?

It might also just be the same as those sort of ‘Magic’ shops we have in our world- Stuff that people might believe is magical but actually isn’t, or something along that line of thinking, that they can charge higher for because supply and demand. Or just a shop that caters to people who would buy random magical trinkets. We also don’t know the average cost of magical items in this universe, but I’m assuming it’s high- it was a Big Deal that Thorn had the sapphire healing ring during Fish Story, and if stuff like that was cheap, all EMTs would carry like, ten of them around for emergencies.

That’s a third option that I’m hoping isn’t the case. In a world where government employees can toss fireballs seemingly at will, you should at least your expect your hexes and charm to cause immediate, tangible results, not just your acne clearing faster than you expected, or that absolute bully to sort of injure himself after you performed a vague ritual involving various culturally transgressive actions.

As far as Thorn’s Healing Sapphire, I figure what he’s carrying is less ‘first aid kit’ and more “Battlefield Medic’s entire specialist bag”. That is, It’s enough to get you stable for transport in case of massive injury, maybe deaden the pain, but you need to know how to use the darned thing, too.

Just because it has actual magic doesn’t mean it’s working as advertised. Similarly, magnets sold in similar shops in our universe are usually real magnets, “magic” candles usually burns and I’m sure there is stuff with electronic in it claiming to have magic properties as well although I can’t remember any example right now.

A lot of it is spirit-based, not crystal-based. Potions are made with magical ingredients, which are generally normal plants/minerals/items that have been spirit-infused with special properties. This shop would have some ingredients for spooky potions.

It would also have anything you can imagine as a cheesy electrical Halloween gadget, but powered by spelltech instead of batteries.

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