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Remodeling 2/5

Remodeling 2/5 published on 3 Comments on Remodeling 2/5

Hyacinth: I get that. I mean . . . one of my grandmas was bipolar, so my mom kinda freaks out every time she thinks I’m too sad or too happy. Mom doesn’t even have it, either. She’s just afraid it skipped a generation.

I get that it messed her up a little, but it’s like . . . geez, Mom, relax? I’m just refreshing my wardrobe, it’s not an early-onset depressive episode! Or a manic-impulsive spending spree.

I think by now she’s made peace with the idea that I look good in black. But you never know.

Hazel: Is bipolar one of those things that gets passed a lot from mother to daughter?

Vine: See, I don’t wear a binder anymore, so I need all the same clothes in one size smaller.

Hyacinth: No, it’s an anyone thing. I’d probably have examples of all genders from Grandmom’s family if she hadn’t . . . you know . . . cut all ties with them and then died.

Hazel: Oh, okay. For some reason I thought it was sex-linked.

Hyacinth: Uh . . . about that.

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