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Remodeling 3/5

Remodeling 3/5 published on 5 Comments on Remodeling 3/5

For anyone who wants to do more research, the technical term for it — at least, in our world — is partial androgen insensitivity syndrome (PAIS).

Unrelated, there’s a new patron-only post with some formerly zine-exclusive bonus art:

Hyacinth: You’re not wrong, different symptoms tend to go with different gene/hormone mixes . . . But I’ve got a weird one. XY chromosomes — and then a genetic thing where my cells don’t absorb all the “boy” hormones like they’re supposed to. So I still came out looking mostly like a girl.

Vine: In other words, Hyacinth has perfectly good testosterone and she’s hardly even using it.

Hyacinth: Sooo yeah. My biology’s kind of a mess. And it’s rare enough that there aren’t lots of studies on how bipolar works for people like me.

. . . or how basically anything else works, either. Who even knows what changes you’d add by taking any hormones for whatever gender you end up having.

You wanna hear something wild? My parents always made it really clear I could get those if I had dysphoria . . . and if I ever wanted surgery, that was fine too . . . But then they got all stressed when I came home with dyed hair.

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