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Ruby Bracelet

Ruby Bracelet published on 8 Comments on Ruby Bracelet

Check it out, the bracelet I’ve been waiting to give Leif since 2016 is finally in the comic.

Leif: I can’t stay for long today . . .

Thorn: It’s okay, I just need to give you a thing!

Hold up your hand, okay?

I want you to wear this at the party. And any other time I rent you out.

Leif: It’s so pretty! What does it do?

Thorn: It’s a gift! It —

Leif: I think you mean to say “it’s a loan.”

Thorn: I don’t . . . Why do I mean “loan”?

Leif: Because any “gift” for me will legally belong to the Embassy.

Thorn: Oh! Then it’s a loan.

Sigvard: . . . so, legally, we can’t just smash the thing. Sorry, Captain.

Sigrún: Do we want to smash it, Sigvard? How bad is it?

Sigvard: . . . not “bad” at all. According to my scans, it does exactly what Sir Thorn said it does.

Sigvard: It’s not programmed for Northern magic. On Embassy grounds, it’s safely inert. I want to keep it locked up anyway, on the “what if I missed something” principle.

Sigrún: But we let him have it for rentals?

Sigvard: We do. The big gem is a simple smartcrystal. Photo, video, net connection, emergency calls. The little ones — Protection. From a range of things.

Honestly, as often as Leif is working outside the Embassy these days . . . We should’ve issued him a thing like this.

Sigrún: I thought that’s what the microchip in his neck was for.

Sigvard: The one we use to regulate his behavior? Ma’am, servants don’t even get to touch those.

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“Honestly, as often as Leif is working outside the Embassy these days . . . We should’ve issued him a thing like this.”

HALL-EH-FUCKIN’-LUJAH! Sønheim showing something above bare-minimum function for their tools indentured servants slaves temporarily embarrassed citizens.

Also: “legally, we can’t just smash the thing. Sorry, Captain.”

I would think ‘just smash[ing] the thing” would be a bit overt for this particular cat-and-mouse game, unless they planned on replacing it with an exact replica they could be sure had only the stated functions.

I have a feeling the “smashing it” comment was a bit of exaggerated hyperbole, none of the people working at the embassy seem like the wanton destruction types. It might even have been a small dose of the classic “I am an intellectual computer expert and you are a shooty smashy gun person” stereotyping.

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