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Saturday Sketchbook: Embassy Beach Episode

Saturday Sketchbook: Embassy Beach Episode published on 3 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Embassy Beach Episode

Various ladies (and Alruna) of the Sønheim Embassy guard, taking a break for sun, sand, and surf.

Left to right: Róta, Alruna, Geirölul, Sigrún, Brynhildr, Mist.

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FYI at least in Firefox/Mac and Safari/Mac, the image is cut off. If I open the image itself, it’s complete, but it’s cut off in the post partway through Brynhildr, so I didn’t see Mist till I opened the image in a separate tab.

If it’s just me, never mind. 🙂

Whoops, I didn’t notice the horizontal scroll bar. Sorry, but that is unintuitive (horizontal scrolling in general being pretty rare on the web); have you used that before? Eek, maybe I’ve missed other things. Anyway, also I’m jet lagged, so my brain’s not fully in gear yet. 😉

Anyway, now I know to watch for horizontal scroll bars on images here. ::insert bowing emoji here::

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