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Saturday Sketchbook: Embassy Daemons

Saturday Sketchbook: Embassy Daemons published on 10 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Embassy Daemons

In case anyone wants to write a daemon AU…some officially-endorsed animal choices. A mix of IRL critters and fantasy variations.

(For the current storyline: Grassie’s daemon is an African gray parrot, and Hedge’s is a seal.)

Leif: alpine field mouse
Katya: chameleon (ofc)
Thorn: spectacled owl

Violet: South Peninsular mastiff
Rowan: barred flying squirrel
Birch: golden puffball
Juniper: crested raptor

Annie: star-nosed mole
Mata: miniature beaver
Pato: island duck

Delphinium: longhair cat
????????: dusky poodle moth
President Romarin: crown tamarin

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Leif: Alpine Field Mouse
Thorn: Spectacled Owl


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