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Saturday Sketchbook: Fancy Olive

Saturday Sketchbook: Fancy Olive published on 9 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Fancy Olive

More formal-wear character portraits.

Olive Romarin, president of Ceannis, and card-carrying pie enthusiast. At first glance she seems chirpy and easily distracted…but underneath she’s one of the sharpest politicians in the country, with a wealth of experience and the well-honed instincts to make good quick decisions. It helps if you remember that she’s older than she looks.

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I just wanted to say I absolutely love your comic. I discovered it two days ago (from a post on a lgbtq comics tumblr post) and then just kept reading it non-stop, for hours. The world is fascinating, and I love the presence of LGBTQ characters. I particularly like how there’s butch women, and femme men and it goes unremarked.

I’m interested to see where the story is going.

Thank you! Good to know my Tumblr promotions are bearing fruit =)

I like drawing people of all different gender presentations. So I made a world where they’re all accepted and unremarkable, and I don’t have to explain them before getting on with the story.

Wow! Thanks for replying. It’s great!

I was stunned to realise all the Embassy Guards were female, in a great way. I really love Sigrun’s design in particular. She’s so hot.

I’m fairly sure I saw adverts before but wasn’t tempted to click on them. But, it was the short comic, on lgbtwebcomics, where Thorn and Leif, could kiss, that intrigued me. I like short strips like that, and it had me curious about the characters, and I just got sucked in by the story.

The picture of Olive above is just so very pretty. She’s another fun character.

Well, now I’m curious — is there anything that would have made you more likely to click on the Leif & Thorn banner ads? I try to put bits of worldbuilding and characterization in some of them, but they only have so much space….

You’re in luck, the next storyline will feature a bunch of the guards 🙂

How old is Olive as of story present?

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