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Saturday Sketchbook: Fancy Peach

Saturday Sketchbook: Fancy Peach published on 5 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Fancy Peach

Formal-wear portrait of a bonus knight.

Peach Pescher-Argyros, scimitar-wielding semi-retired battle mom. In her younger days she was with the Order of the Horn, Ceannis’ equivalent of the Secret Service…and had to get a transfer when she fell for the official she was bodyguarding. Peach is one of two knights who survived the dragon-slaying mission but didn’t stay with Thorn’s team afterward, deciding she wanted to spend more time with her wife and kids.

From one of the northern plains/steppes tribes, although a different one than Thorn. “Pescher” is a steppe last name, and “Argyros” is from the United Islands.

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So fantasy Jewish, fantasy Mediterranean, and….? What is the other steppe people?

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