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Saturday Sketchbook: Fancy Violet

Saturday Sketchbook: Fancy Violet published on 3 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Fancy Violet

First in a series: formal-wear character portraits of the knights.

Violet Dupont, broadsword-wielding book enthusiast. Reads in at least three languages, not even counting the archaic versions. In-universe she’s visibly mixed-race, and will slip into a south-Ceannic accent when she’s relaxed. Met Rowan when they were both kids; now they’re loyal teammates, as well as housemates.

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Ooh, I’m curious, what connotations does a south-Ceannic accent hold?

People think of it as rough and uncultured, and generally associate it with negative stereotypes about Feabhric people. A bit like Southern drawl, a bit like AAVE.

It’s the one Violet grew up using at home. A lot of years and backstory and cultural baggage later, she uses the mainstream Central accent in most situations — so far we’ve only seen her codeswitch when she’s alone at home with Rowan.

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