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Saturday Sketchbook: Height Chart I-II

Saturday Sketchbook: Height Chart I-II published on 5 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Height Chart I-II

A showcase of some of the different character body types! All of which have finally appeared in-strip. Ceannic on the left, Sønska on the right; ladies on top, gentlemen below.

N.B.: this is just a reference for heights and builds. Things like scars/markings might be different in-strip (all the better to keep from spoiling who might have a heartsword).

The ladies: on Deviantart | on Tumblr
The gents: on Deviantart | on Tumblr

Violet: Big buff knight of the realm. Usually keeps her hair in twists for practicality.
Agent D?????????: Bigger, buffer secret agent. Canon trans. Tough and glamorous.
Holly: Teenage magical girl. Gets the two-tone hair color when she transforms.
Ivy: Another teenage magical girl. Gets the two-tone hair color by dyeing it blonde.
Hyacinth: Thorn’s absurdly tall niece. (Obviously doesn’t get it from Thorn’s side of the family.) Also dyes her hair.
Tansy: Thorn’s sister. Looks like a genderswapped version of him…plus two children and zero military exercise.
Olive: President of her country. Hella fierce.

Katya: Embassy servant. Tall and curvy.
Sigrún: Captain of the embassy guards. Wings, sexy butch haircut, stomach you could grate cheese on.
Stanczia: Thousand-year-old vampire. Slender, pale, fang-y, and terrifying.
Iona: The quiet twin. She’s the only one without a “standing height”, so I drew her being floated at eye level with her sister.
Ragnild: The loud twin. Gonna hit a growth spurt any day now. (That’s her ferret next to her feet.)
Astrid: Wildly popular author. Middle-aged mom bod, expensive hair.

Magus Cornouiller: Senior mage. In good shape, all things considered. Shown with his familiar.
Birch: Big cuddly knight. The muscle may not be obvious, but it’s there. Below-the-knee amputee.
Rowan: Tall handsome knight. Careful to maintain his good looks, as they’re a key part of picking up cute guys at bars.
Florian: Cute guy at a bar. Rowan’s type. (To be fair, lots of people are Rowan’s type.)
Thorn: Our hero. Tiny but formidable.
Hawthorn: Thorn’s nephew. Doesn’t like eye contact.
Larch: Thorn’s brother-in-law. Coach. In good shape…still can’t out-wrestle Thorn.

Leif: Our other hero. Gets most of his exercise gardening.
Sven: Embassy official. Middle-aged dad bod.
Ambassador Beringar: Head of the embassy. Ditto, but hairier.
Imri: Thousand-year-old vampire. Slender, pale, fang-y, always up for a snack.


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I’m glad Juniper isn’t on a male or female chart, but where would their height line up out of curiosity?

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