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Saturday Sketchbook: I’ll Let You Whip Me If I Misbehave

Saturday Sketchbook: I’ll Let You Whip Me If I Misbehave published on 19 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: I’ll Let You Whip Me If I Misbehave

The strongest villain of magical-boy week is Kudzu. Off the record, “Sexyback” is his transformation theme.

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I dunno why, but this design reminds me of the alien from Tokyo Mew Mew, y’know, that one that wanted to marry the chick.
Wow, vague, been a while since I watched it XD

Quiche! It wasn’t a conscious design choice, but I guess he does have the vest + long flowing ribbons combo.

Maybe in the next magical-girl arc, Kudzu can try to marry Thorn…

So is Kudzu going to reveal the problems with Ceannis?

Also, random worldbuilding question: Are crystals for the Ceannic military ruggedized for field operations, or are they as susceptible to damage as your average smart phone/laptop?

Having trouble citing this, but I recall Erin once mentioning that the cases ( like Hyacinth’s ) on consumer-grade smartcrystals are mostly cosmetic. I figure that the crystals themselves are prolly enchanted for durability already, but the military tends to over-engineer for that in our world, as it’s better to design something to take ten times the stress it theoretically will need to take in normal operation, because you can be SURE some sterling example of humanity will put it to at least twice the rated operational limit to try and break it.

The military also buys from the lowest bidder.

The military buys from the lowest bidder meeting standards. That means what can be standardized is ok.

Crystals should be naturally more durable than glass, so probably?

True, sometimes the bidder can give you an incredibly expensive piece of gear that is so complicated it still has cost overruns, isn’t that right F-35? As for durability, trust me, a junior enlisted with no idea what they’re doing will find a way to break a piece of gear in ways no designer could ever fucking expect.

As for funding, political budgeting is a true zero sum game; investing heavily in vets healthcare and mental health services will take away from supply and training money, along with education and infrastructure nationally.

Kudzu *is* one of the problems with Ceannis…

C’mon boss, you can’t tell us that the Monster Hunters are the only dirty laundry in Ceannis.

…Unless you’re implying that in Ceannis their system of developing mages is what led to Kudzu in the first place ala the Jedi Order.

Is the ribbon attached to his shoulder his “cape” or am I overthinking how specific the “more complex/fancy outfits= more power” track is?
Holly and Ivy are advanced for their age to already have capes, and staff means serious business, so I’d assume everyone with a staff has a cape, and Kudzu has a staff….

Not overthinking at all! “Cape” is a pretty broad category. (On the grounds that it would get boring if I had to draw the same kind of cape on every high-power magical.) And Kudzu is…embarrassingly over-powered, really.

But what’s the point of Antagonists with the potential of being redeemed with the power of Friendship and Love if they’re not embarrassingly overpowered? As long as a Plot Device leaves them unable to solve every plot point ever after their redemption of course. Can’t have your Absurdly Overpowered Villain Turned Hero be useful, after all!

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