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Saturday Sketchbook: Magical Femmes

Saturday Sketchbook: Magical Femmes published on 3 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Magical Femmes

Some worldbuilding I’ve been talking a lot about lately…

When you become a magical girl (etc) in Leif & Thorn, the costume automatically conforms to your sense of style. You can upgrade to a new version when you level-up in power.

Ceannis has very little concept of “gender presentation.” So, for example, a closeted trans girl like Hestia (top left) isn’t going to be outed by a cute skirty uniform. And an elegant cis guy like Ebony (bottom left/right) will have a beautiful costume, which won’t be perceived as unusual, or make anyone (including himself) second-guess his gender.

Physical dysphoria is still a thing, though, so the costumes also automatically include features like binders, packers, and strategic padding…but only after you have the self-awareness/self-acceptance to realize you need them. With Hestia, they appeared as part of her first costume upgrade (top right).

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Hestia: I’m a cute magical boy. / Strike that…turns out I was a cute magical girl.

Ebony: I’m a gorgeous magical boy. / And I’m still a gorgeous magical boy!

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Does Ebony wear anything (besides undergarments) under his skirt? Because it is dangerously short.

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