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Saturday Sketchbook: Me and my cat, we match

Saturday Sketchbook: Me and my cat, we match published on 11 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Me and my cat, we match

Last of the art rewards for a Volume 1 Kickstarter backer — which gave them the first sneak-preview look at the Woman in Black’s new pet.

…it doesn’t have a name yet. Any nominations?

on Deviantart

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@Erin Ptah: Whatever hinkiness is going on with the site continues. I can navigate to this page via the link you put up on twitter. I cannot navigate to this page from page 16/29 of Something’s Cooking, and page 15 is still front page for me on Chrome. Furthermore, this page shows the above comments and a comment that you made on Something’s Cooking page 16/29 as recent comments. If I click on that one’s link, it loads the comic and commentary, but your comment is nowhere to be seen.

As for naming WiB’s cat… I like Courtney Righter and Ghostforge’s suggestions. I’m terrible at this. I reuse the name _____ripper (insert appropriate noun e.g. Cloudripper for a hawk, Groundripper for a mole, etc) in games that allow me to name combat pets, and the last time a friend sought help for their cat-naming woes, they loved my suggestion of Dioji because they wanted something vaguely Asiatic… and then they realized it was a pun. D. O. G.

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