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Saturday Sketchbook: Oldest Nobility in Sønheim

Saturday Sketchbook: Oldest Nobility in Sønheim published on 9 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Oldest Nobility in Sønheim

Getting back into an old familiar comfort zone with Leif & Thorn. (Literally! …get it, because vampires are old….)

New vampires can be turned at any time, but Lady Stanczia and Lord Imri are among the oldest. Their native language is no longer spoken by any living human. Their names sound bizarre and archaic to Sønska ears. Linguists and historians love when they can shed light on customs that have been lost for centuries…and hate when they make stuff up for fun. Which the old ones do a lot.

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Just curious, what vampires from literature/TV have you got their looks, habits and personalities from. Just names, I don’t want spoilers.

In terms of looks, Imri is pretty clearly influenced by Alucard and Sebastian Michaelis, maybe a touch of Count D. And I want both of them to have that general old-school Dracula/Carmilla combo of aristocracy and menace. But if you try to predict specifics of how either of them will behave based on what would be in-character for a pre-existing fictional vampire, you’re likely to be disappointed…

i love how you draw your female characters with normal body shapes. i know that might sound odd, but even among webcomics so often women, especially women considered beautiful, have disconcertingly small waists etc, and its just really nice to see a change from that.

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