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Saturday Sketchbook: Pantheon of the North

Saturday Sketchbook: Pantheon of the North published on 9 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Pantheon of the North

The deities in Sønheim that the planets are named after. (In this modern age people don’t actually believe in them, but the myths are fun.)

Drengr: lord of warriors. Depicted with long blonde hair and great abs, clad in the fur of a winterfox and wielding a mighty hammer. Her consort is Agæti, a human blacksmith whose skills were so formidable that she got swept away to run the forge of the gods.

Veiðimaðr: lord of the hunt. Depicted with silver hair and claw-scars on his face, wielding a bow. Pulls double duty as the god of cooking, so you can also pray for him to bless the new recipe you’re trying with whatever you just hunted.

Gørsimi: patron of treasure. Depicted with elegant features, wearing ornate clothing and elaborate jewelry. She taught the craft of spell-engineering to the first humans, and is still a popular figure among programmers.

Dómari: judge of the dead. Depicted in thick furs in an androgynous style, with all identifying features concealed. Those two ghostly ravens fly over the world as the moons, observing human behavior and disappearing whenever they fly back to Dómari to make reports.

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So did Agæti go willingly, or was this another case of deific kidnapping?

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