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Saturday Sketchbook: Team Flashback

Saturday Sketchbook: Team Flashback published on 13 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Team Flashback

Early version of Thorn’s team — in two senses, since the lineart is from January 2016.

Survived the dragon: Rowan, Peach, Violet, Marula, Thorn, Juniper, Birch.
In memoriam: Damask, Hestia, Chestnut, Ramtil, Edith, (not shown) Wreath, Taro, Moss.

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This storyline got me really interested in learning more about Marula. I mean, a saw? What sort of person does one have to be for their heartsword to end up being a saw?

One of these days I will do a proper Marula spotlight storyline. (In the meantime, the short answer is on Tumblr.)

For people who can’t Tumblr at the moment, or don’t want to have to click over there to follow this thread:
Marula: “It’s a bone saw! It means I’m an excellent sawbones, and you should trust me to do any kind of surgery.”
Violet: “It means she likes cutting people up. As long as you give her a moral outlet for that, she’s mostly harmless.”

1. (rot13 for mild Republic of Heaven Community Radio spoilers) Funqrf bs gur Yv Uhnf.
2. But “likes to cut people up” is so nonspecific! That could mean “curious,” “sadistic,” “has a kink”… I’m not expecting a heartsword type to tell us everything about Marula, but I did expect a little more from Violet. 😛
3. At least it’s not a butcher’s knife.

Hestia looks like a magical girl and yet she’s got a heartsword. Is it possible to be both a mage and use a heartsword, or is she just Highly Fashionable ™?

…unless that’s Damask holding it? The holdy part of the sword is covering the detail that would allow me to make out who’s holding that blade.

Still, the question remains- can a person be both a Mage and a Heart-Weapom wielder?

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