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Saturday Sketchbook: The Famitrine

Saturday Sketchbook: The Famitrine published on 2 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: The Famitrine

Volume 1 Kickstarter update: as of late Friday, our main goal is two-thirds funded! We’ll hit the $2000 milestone bonus with the next couple of backers, if it hasn’t been posted already.

Can we hit the goal this week, and aim for the bonus goal in the campaign’s final days? Time will tell…!

We already knew Captain Sigrún was a Citrine in the Leif & Thorn Gem AU. The other Embassy guards are mostly Citrines too — shown here, Róta and Geirölul.

Their squad is rounded out with a couple of other battle types: Brynhildr (she’s a Topaz) and Alruna (ze’s a Jasper).

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