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Saturday Sketchbook: The Queen And Her Steed

Saturday Sketchbook: The Queen And Her Steed published on 9 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: The Queen And Her Steed

A bit of Sønheim winter mythology.

Children dress as the young Princess Szélanya to celebrate Szélanyanatt, but she did grow up (and grow wings). Here’s the adult warrior-queen of legend.

She was allied with the lord of the reindeer, Ragnagord, which is an homage to exactly what you think it is.

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So is this one of those, “Epic story that became myth” deals?

That’s arguably all myths. Even stuff like Greek mythology is argued to have real life parallels–minus the magic, obviously. Mythology tends to be a mix of early history and science.

How can you be that sure about the “minus the magic”? 🙂

I can’t. I’m just a skeptic who would prefer not to imagine that once a kid was born to nine mothers, or that a person was impregnated by a literal golden mist.

I’m not saying you should take the stories literally. Obviously, lot of details were changed for various reasons, starting with “bad memory” and “the story would work better like this”. Maybe the kid just HAD nine mothers despite just one of them physically giving birth to it. And maybe it was little different fluid which entered prison no man could get inside.
You just shouldn’t specifically ignore the parts looking as magic. Maybe they just LOOK as magic, for start.

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