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Saturday Sketchbook: Thorn Has Two Moms

Saturday Sketchbook: Thorn Has Two Moms published on 6 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Thorn Has Two Moms

Backstory character designs. Adorable baby Thorn and his big sister Tansy have two mothers: Clover (the punchy one) and Plum (the publishy one).

I’m dithering over the mom designs, because of how both children look a lot more like Clover. Maybe Plum, when she appears in the strip, can be given the same expressions and mannerisms as the kids…? Gonna be a while before that happens, so I’ve got time to figure it out.

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Well, we’re getting pretty close to making this possible (2 women producing a kid), scientifically speaking (though the theoretical result is strictly girls) – I’m curious how the Ceannis make it work, though. Magic, obviously, but what sort, what process, that sort of deal…

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