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Saturday Sketchbook – World Map

Saturday Sketchbook – World Map published on 13 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook – World Map

That’s right, I finally made a map for the Leif & Thorn planet where North is up! (Mostly.)

Expanded to show most of the landmass, including all the countries whose names I’ve decided on. Plus several plot-relevant sites and towns that have been mentioned along the way.

For use on Crystalpedia…and maybe, one day, some print volumes?

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Is there life on Ei Missään?

At a guess? It’s either occupied, or hazardous. You don’t name places that no one lives unless you need to warn people not to go there.

What about Antarctica? Aside from researchers and penguins, no one lives there, and it’s the type of place you don’t want to go on a casual visit, but we named the heck out of it.

Anyone have any idea what’s up with that island in the middle of a lake surrounded by white segments in the heart of Ceannis’ penninsula? It makes me… concerned. Ancient Sealed Evil concerned.

And suddenly it all clicks. Sønheim is geographically screwed. Gigantic country (probably mostly because nobody else wants their land) with no dependable ports. They either need to be skilled diplomats, or they have border disputes periodically as they try to rectify their lack of port situation. Probably they have the best relationship with Ceannis because it’s a big enough country they don’t try to muscle their way to a port ever (too far to get to the ports and too much trouble to do so.) They’re also in ideal territory for vampires, so long as it’s safe for those vampires to sleep for most of the summer.

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