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See Her Again 12/26

See Her Again 12/26 published on 8 Comments on See Her Again 12/26

Yes, this version of Acai has some form of dwarfism. Same as Brod, one of Leachtric’s Ceannic-democracy-founding sidekicks.

Future Thorn: M-Magus Acai? Sir Thorn Estragon. It’s an honor to meet you. Well, not for the first time, on my part. It’s my first time meeting you in this incarnation, at least . . .

Acai: Is it?

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Wow, that is the tallest darn Tamaputian I’ve ever met!”

Future Thorn: Uh, did you get that joke from Leachtric, or did the writer get it from —

WiB: Dad.

Future Thorn: — Not important right now! Can you fix all time and space, please?

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… ok, so THIS is the revelation and reason we never see her clearly before. Still not sure why would it be important, but … maybe it will be explained later.

…dude, if you’re waiting for the comic to explain “a specific reason why every detail of this character’s appearance is plot-important,” you’re going to be waiting a long time.

Well, on “But I’m a cat person” you currently run annotation. If you plan to run annotation on this eventually …

I don’t want to ask questions which would turn out to be spoilers, it just seems that there was relatively long build up to this revelation so I feel I missed something when I didn’t get why it’s important.

Also, I think I’m straight. I used to be sure about it but my choice of comics is kinda suspicious …

Shrinking woman syndrome? I somehow thought that Ceannic medicine probably wouldn’t be performing hysterectomies, but there’s no reason they couldn’t have the same effect for different reasons, and me being wrong about stuff is par for the course.

Or do Tamaputians never stop growing and she’s far older than I realized?

Of course, she could just be short.

Hysterectomies are sometimes medically important aren’t they? At least, I’m under the impression that they are sometimes done for good reasons.

Then again, indeed, she could just be short.

yup. Captain Awkward, iirc, has been talking about her upcoming yeeterus operation for serious medical reasons. there are a variety of things that can go wrong there – plus some people just want to be very, very certain they can’t get pregnant, iirc? there are lots of valid reasons to want it out.

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