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See Her Again 15/26

See Her Again 15/26 published on 8 Comments on See Her Again 15/26

WiB: Acai . . . if anyone in this world deserves a break sometimes, it’s you. But — can you put us two normies back in reality? Very soon? Pretty please?

I’m sure we’d love to help, but I don’t see how —

Acai: Whenever future-me sends a new agent back, it tells me something. Even if none of them show up with a “Congratulations, It’s A Successor!” card . . . I know I’m still around, being an active and responsible Time Mage, that many years from now.


Which raises what is, I think you’ll agree, a fascinating question . . .

What was future-me trying to say, by sending you back?

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*gasp* she didn’t. She didn’t know and she didn’t prevent it from happening.

Oooh, What if Mulberry is Rhódon as well? Thorn thought he was there to fix a problem that she was already dealing with, but in actuality he’s there to make Acai take a second look at the identity of the first agent and know her next life will be when she can finally retire with her girl rather than just handing it off and giving up on life before realizing who’s in front of her.

I wonder, is Mulberry about to watch the end of the life of one of her fathers, not out of malice, but… is there even a word for Acai’s motives?

(Also, it should be Acai, right? Not Açaí? I assume the pronunciation still follows the latter, though, as Euterpe…)

When people ask rhetorical questions like this, it feels to me like most of the time, they assume an amount of shared knowledge that the person they’re asking doesn’t have. Most of the time when I’m the target of the question, it feels like they’re expecting me to have some profound reaction from it. And I just do not have the reference they’re looking for to know the answer they’re expecting me to figure out from it.

Sometimes, though, I do have that reference. But I still don’t get it, because I have dozens of other references that they don’t have that also work, and I’m looking at this list of possible matches wondering which one could they mean.

To be clear, most of the time, it feels to me like the second case I gave there. I can only distinguish it from the other because I ask them about what they were getting at, and most of the time they say something that I hadn’t actually encountered before to my knowledge.

I guess these are pop culture references frequently enough that probably a lot of people don’t have quite this experience, but I’ve certainly seen other people get asked rhetorical questions and they just don’t get the thing. Most of the time, they don’t ask, and the person asking the question is left thinking that their listener was the one who was not so bright, even though it was really them the whole time.

Different people are different, and usually rhetorical questions only work if they’re not really that different.

Note: I’ve also seen lawyers use them, but they generally set the stage well enough for them that they do work. If I’m not mistaken, how to do that is actually covered in law school.

All of that said,

– Isn’t this a sweet girl?

– Possible successor.

– as Prezombie suggested, Rhódon. Although, didn’t we actually meet the current Rhódon, who’s basically laying low by acting, with Rhódon being one of the parts they play? Mulberry’s from the future, so it could be possible, but it feels like she might be a bit too young to be the next Rhódon.

– This poor girl’s about to lose someone special, she seems capable of doing this work and it’ll give her some time before the trauma.

– This poor girl’s lost her father. She’ll encounter him again on this trip, won’t that be nice for her? Also, she’s the only one I think can get him to behave, so she’s probably a good candidate for the mission.

– This poor girl’s about to lose someone special, and if she doesn’t go on this mission, she won’t even know what happened to him.

– She’ll do for this mission. I hope past me doesn’t read too much into this.

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