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See Her Again 16/26

See Her Again 16/26 published on 7 Comments on See Her Again 16/26

Future Thorn: I’m — uh, worried about the paradox if I say —

Acai: Present-me knows that you’re here. Which means future-me knew that you left.

Either she deliberately sent you back without basic-safety stealth magic . . .

. . . or she left a device, charged and unguarded, where you could “steal” it.

Has future-me finally gone full Time Villain? I know if I wanted to smash history . . . You are exactly the sort of rock I’d start chucking at it.

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waiting for Acai to discover that all her paranoia is for naught because in the future she’s retired and wasn’t the one who sent him at all

Not retried yet. If she was it would have been a Time-Mage-authorized mission and he probably would have had the stealth magic she mentioned. My guess is that at the point Future Thorn was sent back Future Acai hasn’t even started training her successor.

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