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See Her Again 19/26

See Her Again 19/26 published on 23 Comments on See Her Again 19/26

No, it’s not Sunday already. I tried to draw this strip at the normal size, but finally accepted that this moment deserves to be extra-tall.

The silhouetted past incarnations of Acai are all homages to other characters with Time Problems.

Acai: Every new life that comes round, I’ve always given Past Me reasons not to sabotage my own work.

What if this is Future Me’s way of giving me permission? To do the one thing that could kick me off the cycle of reincarnation for good. To find out what — if anything — comes next.

Maybe . . . if I get very lucky . . .

. . . to see her again.

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I feel uncultured; the only one I recognize is Philip J Fry.

Perhaps collectively we can get them all? Pretty sure the third from the right with the double braids is Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I’m not 100% sure, but the one with the big frizzy hair looks like Nadia from Russian Doll

She is! (I know she’s not as distinctive as some of the characters with anime hair, but figured that adding the “characters with Time Problems” category would make up for it.)

Is there some reason I’m not remembering for Acai to be certain that Rhodon won’t reincarnate again? This might be explained in the next few strips, of course…

I think it’s less ‘Rhódon won’t be incarnated again’, but rather it’s “If I crack the world badly enough, maybe we can STAY TOGETHER in The Treasury of Souls or where-ever souls go when not embodied in The World instead of me always coming back and waiting.”

I think it’s less that Rhódon isn’t reincarnating, but Rhódon is choosing to spend their incarnations out of the giant spotlight. Possibly by choosing the limelight instead. It’s unclear to me if they’re deliberately avoiding Acai or not.

I don’t think Rhódon is avoiding Acai. First of all, according to the comic wiki Acai reincarnates unusually often, and she’s also a longrunner, so she always knows who she is (and has in fact known who she is through more incarnations than anyone else in history). Rhódon is not a longrunner, and presumably reincarnates at a more normal rate, which means not only is she less likely to be around, there also isn’t going to be any way to identify her AS Rhódon unless she pulls a heartsword or (presumably) gets magically recognized by Acai.

So it’s not that Rhódon isn’t reincarnating, it’s just that Acai is reincarnating SO MUCH, and has no breaks from 1. knowing who she is or 2. knowing that she’s missing the woman she loves.

Also, Rhódon and Acai’s romance is legendary, and Acai as stated always remembers it, while Rhódon (if she’s even identified for every reincarnation) does not. That’s a hell of a lot of pressure for someone who’d have spent the first two decades or so of their life thinking they were Just Some Guy (gender neutral).

I thought I remembered an update I couldn’t find in the archive that expressed more of what I was thinking. But while looking for it, I found

So even if I saw what I thought I saw before and what I saw meant what I thought it did, Rhódon taking her sweet time for her reunion’s apparently par for the course.

That said, I’d expect with non-long runners, it’s really tricky to say how often they reincarnate. The only clear proof of reincarnation’s the heartsword, and it requires either special training or an extreme crisis situation to be able to draw one. While everybody has many crises in their lives, few of them have a crisis of that level and nature. I mean, sure, we all have a few extreme crises, but how many of them could be aided by having a sword? Extreme crises in my current lifetime: 3 that I remember offhand. How many of those would’ve been made easier if I just had a really sharp, really durable sword? 0. In fact, I think it would’ve made some of them worse.

So, yeah, probably not identified every time, or maybe even most times. They could be just as old, but one remembers while the other doesn’t. And without having consistent appearances between incarnations or soul sight, no way for Acai to really track that.

And that gentlebeings is way reincarnation is not good for mental health. For that matter immortality is even worse for mental health.

Reincarnation is not a problem. Remember that most people don’t remember their previous lives.

The problem is finding your true love just to discover you spent most (or almost all) time apart.

… apparently not finding your true love at all is safer. Lot of people in THAT situation has no mental problems.

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