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See Her Again 24/26

See Her Again 24/26 published on 5 Comments on See Her Again 24/26

Woman in Black (thinking): So, there’s a Time Mage in training? And not even highest-level Agents are being told about it yet?

. . . Then how in the world did Dad find out?

He doesn’t have Agent clearance at all — The only way he’d know is if the trainee broke rank and told him — And why pick him? Unless — They already trusted —

OOH. . . . Welp, at least the new guy in the role will be someone who knows how to get some therapy.

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Oh so it’s DEFINITELY Kale then. We KNOW that boy has had SO much therapy. Also they would have to make sure he’s completely trustworthy given his past, so I can see why they didn’t tell the other agents yet.

This also makes the “babe” even funnier in this context. Didn’t he technically do that to his future boss in a way? (I mean, obviously he’s ALSO his husband but it’s funnier to think of it this way)

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