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See Her Again 25/26

See Her Again 25/26 published on 12 Comments on See Her Again 25/26

Acai: . . . All right. If nothing else, I have got to see how this plays out.

My Agent has a time and place she’s already in when the loop starts. Being there comes natural. You, though . . . You’re a sticky prospect. Pity I can’t just flag history down like a bus, and pop you back on.

Woman in Black: Okay, but there is something you can do, right??

Acai: Well, I’d better figure it out, hadn’t I!

Let my new protegee’s first self-directed mission wipe out the one person he trusted enough to send?

Gosh, only if I wanted a new Time Villain on our hands.

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Is Acai also (part-)Iulic? Only she kinda seems to have that Borscht Belt syntax Thorn and Tansy have a little.

I think Acai has reincarnated enough times she’d have been Iulic at least once! (And yes, that is a wierd sentence to think.)

If I’m not mistaken, there’s a tendency to stick with the culture you last incarnated as, so it might not be as likely as you think. Then again, maybe the vibe is an indication she has despite it not overall being likely due to frequency.

If you look at Acai has switched genders and ethnicities between incarnations, maybe by probability, maybe to experience new things or get different perspectives. If the later, her spending time as ALL possible backgrounds becomes very likely.

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