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See You Again 11/14

See You Again 11/14 published on 7 Comments on See You Again 11/14

Last month’s wallpaper had Cybele in spring rain, so this month has Leif & Thorn doing a little summer bug-watching. (Join us on Patreon for the high-res wallpaper images!)

Night wallpaper

WiB: What are YOU doing here?!

Future Thorn: Waiting for a train.

WiB: I mean what are you doing in the past, obviously! Did Acai send you?!

Future Thorn: Wait — are you one of Acai’s agents?

WiB: What are you talking about, you know —

Future Thorn: Wait! Are you the unmemorable agent we theorized was watching us back then?

WiB: — The stealth magic is working on you, isn’t it.

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WIB was about to say Future Thorn knows her.

Well, that clinches the fact they’re not here for the same job. I guess it also nixes the parental relationship theory for the most part, oh well. She definitely knows him well though, the question is, how vague will her hints be for him to figure out who she is?

I don’t see how it definitely rules out the parental relationship theory.

Agreed. There’s still three strips to go, and knowing the boss we’ll end on the cracks coming back with the reset cutting off Thorn as he goes, “We had no idea you would wind up being — ”

Side note, boss, you didn’t happen to watch “In the Shadow of the Moon” as you developed this character?

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