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See You Again 12/14

See You Again 12/14 published on 8 Comments on See You Again 12/14

Kale: Okay, seriously, what is going on with this — Whoa!

You’re not — Are you Thorn’s dad?

Future Thorn: Uh.

Kale: No, wait — he has two mothers, so —

Future Thorn: Hey! There go the cracks! Kale, can you see them?

WiB: You can see them too?!

Future Thorn: How could I not? They’re all over the place —

Kale (thinking): So this is what it feels like to be the one without the hallucinations.

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Kale’s expression in that last panel killed me.

The “breaking the fourth wall” is perfect!

indeed 🙂
and we have two more strips left! and… wait, *why* are the cracks there again? kale is safe, dex is having a Talk, younger thorn should be helping the embasssy… did the embassy have an incident too?

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