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See You Again 14/14

See You Again 14/14 published on 27 Comments on See You Again 14/14

Future Thorn: Why should I listen to you? Who are you??

WiB: [unintelligible], it’s me. [unintelligible]!

Future Thorn: . . . Hickory? Cranberry? Rosemary? Beverly?

WiB: [unintelligible]

Future Thorn: Are you —

WiB: [unintelligible]ad d[unintelligible] da[unintelligible] d —

Future Thorn: [unintelligible]?

WiB: Dad!!

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Name reveal! Her name is Mulberry! It fits the plant tradition, it fits what can be made out of the text here, and it fits “Some of those are sort of close!” from !

also apparently it looks like Future Thorn is her dad? idk but congrats to everyone who called it

we’re really getting spoiled for Future reveals this arc, aren’t we? we have this comic *and* Future Thorn calling Kale “babe”.

I was zapping through the archive to find clues for this new revelation, and apparently Mulberry is also the name of Thorn’s grandmother:

Oooh! Of course the stealth would disrupt her saying Dad!

I guess I was right all along, gotta love the time traveling child trope!

The only thing that could make this even better is her getting to meet her younger self and bootstrap paradoxing her gender.

Does she have Thorn’s face shape and Leif’s ears? Is that a thing they can do (in the future)??!?

I don’t know if this planets’ genetics system could make a green eyed kid from Thorn’s blue and Leif’s red, or from Kale’s pink. Also Leif has said it would be illegal for him to make kids. But that wouldn’t stop Thorn from adopting and Leif from Being An Affectionate Figure But Legally Not A Guardian.

Or Leif could get his debt canceled somehow and then make a kid.

I was wondering when Thorn and Leif talked about that if using Leif’s genes for kids who aren’t counted as Leif’s legally is a thing that Thorn could literally buy. But I suspect Leif’s mom is more likely to be the ultimate cause of any freedom he gets.

It IS theoretically possible for a child to be made with Thorn and Leif’s genetic material. However, given what’s stated there, the kiddle may technically be Tansy’s and Leif’s, genetically, since Tansy has a standing offer to lend an egg to Thorn.

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