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See You Again 4/14

See You Again 4/14 published on 5 Comments on See You Again 4/14

WiB: Agent, I know you promised not to harm Kudzu. But I have, ah, reliable intel that you won’t be able to stick to it.

So, Hermosa, you should probably ask if they have unresolved guilt over putting you in a dangerous situation where you were permanently harmed,

and are likely to uncontrollably throw themself into dangerous situations that risk permanent harm, as some kind of weird compulsive punishment/redemption complex.

Please, let that be all the nudging you need to get this right.

WiB (thinking): I’d leave a bug to track how this conversation goes, but (a) Dex has caught every bug I’ve left before, and (b) it’s very personal and I don’t wanna.

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The idea that the two hands thorn ship may not have worked out in Furture!Thorn’s timeline because Dex killed Kale makes my chest hurt. like wow, oof. It may still not sail but I’m a big sucker for could have been timelines lol

Future Thorn believes he is in a stable loop – and from what I can tell, this arc shows any timeline that isn’t stable loops terminates shortly after divergence from stability. It follows that Future Thorn’s timeline is The Timeline.

With what Acai said, I think the case is closer to BTTF rules where alterations can and do change the future, but Acai has used her magic to set up an artificial stability to the time loop.

My guess is the spell has a set of conditions for the distant future, like a list of people who are still alive, rather than a set of conditions about the near future.

I don’t think Acai needed to do it manually. Alterations CAN and DO change the future, but alteration too big would crash it because they couldn’t stabilize.

Say, any alteration which causes WiB, who IS HERE, to not exists, must crash the timeline.

I feel like a *bistable* time loop would still be possible? (Thorn A does something causing Thorn B to exist, who’ll travel back and do something causing Thorn A to do the first thing?)

Unless this is something Acai nails down by using agents who only come from *one* timeline, a timeline where everything goes as she wants – great if you can get them, I guess! But does the same apply to Future!Thorn?

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