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See You Again 5/14

See You Again 5/14 published on 1 Comment on See You Again 5/14

I really did make this strip months after the first version of the hallway scene…which led to some awkward moments of “wait, how did I do that effect, again??”

Thorn (thinking): –okay, I think I’m making this weird.


Thorn: Who are you?

WiB: Unmemorable agent from the opera. Now in a bonus time loop. Here to watch Kale so you don’t have to.

Thorn: Do you seriously

WiB: I know, I know, it was more convincing when I had all your lines memorized! But I took a few loops off for impromptu marriage counseling, so I’m out of practice.

Thorn (thinking): At least I don’t feel like I’m the weird one anymore.

WiB: And, wow, I never thought it would be so refreshing to see you! Feels like it’s been months.

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