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See You Again 6/14

See You Again 6/14 published on 8 Comments on See You Again 6/14

Kale: . . . you’re here to “watch me”?

WiB: Not literally every second. You can take a shower in private.

Kale: . . . well, my dog likes you, that’s a good sign.

So, Acai wants me to go where?

WiB: I’ll tell you if we make it to the subway without any murders.

Kale: Without me murdering anyone else, or without someone murdering me?

WiB: Either/or.

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So the WIB considers this to be a practice loop. Anyone want to give odds on the chances that it actually succeeds, and if it fails, what will cause the reset?

I think there’s a lot not being said about the victory conditions simply because it’s become evident it’s so hard to pass this one “simple” criteria. I’m reminded of the criteria my ex used to determine I was the one she wanted to marry. I treated her parents with respect.

There were a lot of other factors in play, but she had a bunch of guys treat *her* with respect, at least for a bit. She knew other people who treated other people like people rather than things. But I was the only plausible candidate who treated her parents with respect.

I feel like I had a lot of other points that should have been factors, but they weren’t, because there just wasn’t enough competitive competition.

They started doing these loops for a reason. Acai was able to select WiB from a non-murder timeline, so theoretically speaking, they got *to* that point without her doing anything. Unless Acai’s powers include pulling someone back from a theoretical timeline, there’s some other thing that they’re also looking to achieve.

It’s my expectation that this practice loop will successfully avoid breaking, but it won’t succeed at whatever else they’re also looking to achieve. We will, at least, get some idea of what else they want to happen when they have their loop post mortem and decide to start another loop.

Of course, it’s my meta expectation to be wrong, so who knows?

THIS Acai didn’t selected WiB. FUTURE Acai send her, and if her mission won’t put timeline in state where she can be send back, it crashes. Unfortunately, she is not sure what exactly she needs to do because her timeline modification were hidden – which is also only way how it really could work as if she had exact list of actions she would be FORCED to do everything EXACTLY as on that list.

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