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See You Again 7/14

See You Again 7/14 published on 3 Comments on See You Again 7/14

The Woman in Black throws in a non-translated Sønska expression for “score!” — kind of like how the Doctor used to go “allons-y!” a lot — but Kale thinks she’s switching the language of the whole conversation, and follows along.

Crown Hill Station

WiB: Score!

Kale: Um . . . This is good?

WiB: Yes! If I loop this again, I know exactly —

Actually . . . there’s one thing I’ll have to do differently . . .


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Rather than being a silly catchphrase, I thought her using Sønska was more like slipping back into your native tongue from an emotional spike.

More evidence that WIG is at least partially Sønska.

I’m starting to lean more towards the theory that L&T are her parents, or perhaps grandparents would fit the timeline better with her opinion of Iona. Her mixed race appearance (Eyes similar to Thorn, skin shade not quite as light as other Sønska, hair is on the dark side but she braids it in Sønska style), intersex conditions run in Thorn’s family line, and probably some other clue tidbits I missed.

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