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Shopping with Senna

Shopping with Senna published on 3 Comments on Shopping with Senna

I know, I know, we’re still stuck on the cliffhanger from the vampire AU. But this page has a reader cameo — the clerk is Patreon supporter Hela! — and I’ve been pushing it back farther and farther in the schedule for way too long.

Quince: I’ve been stationed in Central for a year now . . . and I still haven’t found a place with clothing I like in my height!

Senna: Oi! Did I ‘ear somebody needs Help Shopping?

It’s your lucky day, Quince! Block out an afternoon — you’re coming with me.

What you ‘ave right ‘ere is a champion shopper. I guarantee I’ll sort you out.

Look, these are on a two-for-one sale! Getting two is just good economics, innit?

Clerk: How many cats do you have?

Senna: Me, none! But I’ve seen a few strays around the neighborhood, and it never ‘urts to be prepared . . .

I can’t decide which color suits you more! Would you want both?

Can’t remember if I ‘ave a box of this already . . . Better get it, just to be safe.

Quince: Um, Senna . . . I think this is a bit much?

Senna: Oh! Right, see what you mean, getting a bit out of ‘and . . .

Can you wheel us out one of those big sturdy pet trolleys, please? Actually — best make that two.

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