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Side Hustled 20/32

Side Hustled 20/32 published on 7 Comments on Side Hustled 20/32

Unlike with legitimate franchises, MLMs don’t offer any protections against “unlimited reps signing up in the same area, and canvassing the exact same territory.”

So poor Kale barely gets away from the last rep before he’s chatted up by a cameo of Manel from O Sarilho, a comic about future Romans who go looking for a crashed satellite and get a bonus alien in the process.

Speaking of unexpected bonuses, Dex takes on a classic scam in the new Off-Shoots page, which a few readers got a sneak peek at before I fixed the patron-locking:

Off-Shoots page

Rep #4: Wait! What’s your best contact info?

Kale: It’s best not to contact me.

Rep #4: Even if you don’t buy anything, maybe we can be friends–

Kale: It’s a condition of my parole that I don’t get to make friends unless you pass a background check and a visit from my handler.

Rep #5: Hi! Your sunglasses are very —

Kale: Thanks, I wear them because I accidentally burned my own eyes out while murdering a bunch of people.

Rep #5: . . . I’ll go chat up somebody else.

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Not the focus at the moment, but
It is encouraging to see that Kale has stabilized enough that he’s able to a) get out of bed, b) get dressed, c) figure out what he needs from the store, d) leave the house, e) go out to the store, and f) persevere to get the things on that list.
That’s huge!

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