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Side Hustled 21/32

Side Hustled 21/32 published on 13 Comments on Side Hustled 21/32

Office of Kale’s therapist.

Kale: So . . . that was an overreaction, right? There doesn’t always have to be an ulterior motive! Maybe this was just a really awkward salesperson!

Therapist: What was the name of their company?

Kale: Definitely nothing related to Northwind. I would’ve noticed that. Hang on, I still have the card in here . . .

Therapist: Well, they haven’t been officially convicted of any illegal business doings . . .

. . . but they are on the “shady enough that, if you get involved with them, it violates your parole” list. So, no! You were not overreacting.

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I still hope that one rep thinks real hard off screen about the tax forms comment and has an epiphany.

Yep. If you’re selling products for a company and there aren’t tax documents of some sort coming from or going to that company, I think there might be a problem. Different jurisdictions are different, and I’m neither lawyer nor accountant. But it just feels to me like there should be some sort of paperwork along those lines involved. Maybe that paperwork is VAT paperwork. Maybe it’s a one time filing with them of your company tax ID. Maybe it’s W2s and W4s. There’s probably more possibilities than I can properly imagine.

Just something, you know?

Why do I keep getting Herbalife vibes? Also I had an uncle that sold for them, and someone was making money…and it was not him. He made more money recruiting that selling the product.

Because Herbalife is an MLM! One of the biggest names in the industry, even. (Sounds like your uncle had the standard experience.)

I was being half ironic about Herbalife…also this the same uncle that in around 2000 restored a Ford Pinto with a variable flow carburetor, and he finished the interior before ever getting the car to run. Spent a bunch of money on it too.

So in other words, not the sharpest tool in the shed. The rest of the family did not buy into or from him when it came to his MLM.

Shouldn’t Kale have the list of companies that would violate his parole if he got involved with them? Wouldn’t this be pertinent information for him to have?

That would be handy, though I could also see him having been given a general proscription against being involved in shady deals, to be determined by a Stewartian “I’ll know it when I see it” kind of test as to what makes a shady deal.

That then becomes a legal battle where the parolee and prosecutor might be arguing over the bounds of what is or is not a shady deal, and how the parolee was supposed to know, so a solid definition with a list of firms would be preferred, even if that isn’t necessarily practical.

I’d imagine that he didn’t memorize it for one reason or another, maybe the list itself was long, maybe there were so many other aspects of his parole that he didn’t pay attention to that one, maybe he didn’t think that memorizing it would be necessary for whatever reason

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