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Side Hustled 27/32

Side Hustled 27/32 published on 16 Comments on Side Hustled 27/32

Senna: Well, since my mum works at a university, and I don’t need another undergraduate degree . . .

Quince: We all live in pre-furnished government housing, and mine sells furniture.

Rowan: Yeah, my parents also sell stuff for building owners . . . Or, I guess, technically, they sell ad slots for companies that do stuff for building owners.

Violet: My mom works at a grocery store . . . in Limestone Cliffs. Nobody expects me to travel out-of-state to buy groceries.

Birch: Mine has a fertility clinic! She would love to have me and my wife as customers — but Annie would not love to be a customer, and obviously, Annie gets the deciding vote on this one.

Juniper: So what I’m hearing is, ungrateful children solidarity hour in here.

Kokum: Hey, I’ve got two dads, don’t look at me for mom stuff.

Pascentia: Single father. I suppose I did buy everything he was selling.

Thorn: Two moms, but one is retired and the other is, uh . . . expired.

Atarangi: I’m not in touch with any of my family, and wouldn’t use any of their products or services if you paid me.

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Atarangi: Not in touch with any of your family? What about your “sisters”? 🙂

(Will someone notice?)

Easy answer: “I mean, none of my family that I’m not living with, *of course*.”

I witnessed a couple of multiples being caught out this way and answering with this response multiple times before I even learned what a multiple was. It happened frequently enough that I even answered it for one of them once despite not yet having been in the loop at all.

I wonder what Pascentia’s father does do, anyway? Or if, as a single father of two, he was getting a stipend, especially when they were young – or whether, if he was a widower, he might’ve had an inheritance?

CW: familial neglect, physical abuse, absolute flight of fancy on the commenter’s part towards the end.

His career is probably not relevant at this point(1). The wiki confirms that Dex and Pascentia have both gone No-Contact with Daddy Dearest… but let’s make some guesses/engage in character assassination.

Given his two whole panels of screentime, I imagine he’d spend as much of the family’s UBI on himself as he could, with Pascentia getting most of the rest without adding malnourishment and torn clothing to Dex’s ‘clumsiness’.

Probably had a fairly physical job, given his build. Something where he could tell himself he was letting out his aggression safely. Maybe it even worked on days that Dex didn’t get on his bad side. Either way, I imagine he was good at it, but not good enough for his own standards. Probably was a fitness nut, and one of the few things Dexie did that never set Daddy Dearest off was assiduous flexibility training and practicing break-falls and oh my stars he was probably a martial artist with anger issues, doting on the daughter who was and is a renaissance woman in the tradition of mythic warrior-philosophers.

(1) my nomination is ‘Soil Enrichment’.

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