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Side Hustled 29/32

Side Hustled 29/32 published on 4 Comments on Side Hustled 29/32

Hey look, Kale and Thorn are hanging out at the library across from their building! Quick, go find the other storylines where Thorn took Leif here. (The windows didn’t have fancy panes back then. Art upgrade!)

Meanwhile on Patreon, supporters get a sneak peek at some new character designs for the next arc:

Upcoming character concept art

Parallel play at the Rosedale Library . . .

Thorn: Hey, Kale, can I ask a personal question? It’s okay not to answer.

Kale (thinking): I’ve told Thorn about so many intense things . . . what could be so much more personal that he has to ask?

Kale: Uh . . . go for it.

Thorn: Have you ever looked into group therapy?

Kale: Oh!

Kale (thinking): Phew.

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Oh, my. This arc ended in a much less triangular place than it started. (Incidentally, have you folks ever looked up Euclid’s proof of the volume of a pyramid? We use limits, but Euclid carved up a triangular prism three ways – Popper said that Euclid was setting out a theogony for the descendants of the Pythagoreans, not sure if that’s true.)

I love parallel play so much. I’d been using the term for years before I started hearing it around the internet, back when it was only in articles about child development and how tiny kids play. But it still perfectly matches how I like to hang out with people a lot of the time. I love hanging out and focusing on one thing together, like watching a movie or playing a game or cooking, but I am often just as satisfied playing my game while my wife plays hers and we only speak to point out something funny that happens, that kind of thing. It definitely doesn’t work for everyone, or even for everything we do, but it is a useful tool for me to have.

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