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Side Hustled 30/32

Side Hustled 30/32 published on 9 Comments on Side Hustled 30/32

Kale: My handlers have “looked into it,” yeah, but . . . Pass me that globe?

Most Northwind survivors lived around their headquarters in Montmere — here. And I live in Central — down here.

Also, even in the groups that meet long-distance, most of the members have been, or know someone who has been, personally victimized by Kudzu Carvi.

Thorn: You’re a perpetrator and a victim. And you can’t be the only one.

Kale: Not much comfort to the people I perpetrated on.

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Ahhhh, I see where this is going. A lot of people in these scams fell for them hard, and in doing so hurt people around them. But Kale can also be “just a victim” of an ordinary scam, someone who bought into it fully. This way he can deal with his complex feelings about that while there is a far lower chance of him revealing who he is

Poor Kale, I actually understand him a lot here as someone who grew up in a cult environment. It’s hard when you were made to harm others simply because you were brainwashed into believing a pack of lies.

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